Strippable Protective Coating

Strippable Protective Coatings for Ceramic Roller

In order to prolong the lifetime of caramic rollers. JIN GANG Group developed the patented products - strippable protective coatings for ceramic rollers in slurry and dry powder The protective coatings are composed of ground coating and over coating with different physical and chemical properties.

Compare with traditional coatings, JIN GANGTM strippable protecting coatings have the advantage of :

  • Execellt anti-corrosion characteristics ,JIN GANGTM strippable protecting coating adhere firmly to the rollers in the kiln,they can prevent the glaze droplets form penetrating and eroding the rollers
  • Unique strippable characteristics, in the clean process of rollers .the over coating stained with glaze droplets can be stripped o fragments easily by a slight knock, without any damage to ceramic rollers.
  • Reduce the rollers consumption dramatically, it's certified that by applying JIN GANGTM strippable protecting coatings. the consumption of rollers in the kiln can be reduced by 50%.

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