Medium Alumina Grinding Media

Medium Alumina Grinding Ball


70 Series Alumina Grinding Media :-

Alumina Grinding Balls and Lining Bricks are Mid Grade milling media made by advanced cool isostatic pressing technology and fired at high temperature.

With high hardness and bulk density, small wear loss, good shape and excellent corrosion resistance, Alumina Grinding Balls and Lining Bricks are the perfect efficient milling media for kinds of milling and mix machinery, widely used in the mix and crush procedure of ceramics, porcelain enamel, glass glaze and frits, chemical plastic industries. 70 Series Alumina Grinding Balls and Lining bricks have gained good reputation from customers.

The Specifications of Alumina Balls as below :  
1. Chemical Analysis  
                                                                                                                 Al2O3 ≥70.00
                                                                                                                    SiO2 24.62
 2. Bulk Density (gm. / Cm-3) : Average 2.9
 3. Scratch Hardness of Surface on Moh's Scale : 7-8
 4. Water Absorption (%) : Almost Nil
 5. Colour :  Ivory


Specification of Alumina Balls (mm) :
Diameter (Ø) (mm)

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