Glazing Bell

Glazing Bell

High Quality Bell Flow :

We are very glad to have this best quality product in our product portfolio. We are the first and only company dealing in India and only company in the world dealing 1500 mm bell flow.

The fine glazing bell is one of the main product of our company. It is used for glazing wall tile and floor tile to make the glaze more even and smooth.

By the circular section across the glazing bell, the glaze glair force evenly to each point of the tile, so that the glaze weight is the same and improving the quality of the glaze covering. By the special flow model design the glaze forms a dense and well-distributed fall at the edge of the lower bell to ensure all points are exactly the same, especially to ensure the processing of high precise and well-distributed bell surface, which makes the glaze more even and smooth.

Quality Features :

Our glazing bell with high precision has many quality features which can improve the performance as mentioned below :-

  • Each part is selected according to the international standards, acid proof and alkali resisting as well as anticorrosion.
  • Manufactured by high accuracy.
  • Middle bell combined with the lower bell so resulting no water leaks.
  • The lower edge of the bell is more even and very smooth. The planeness is within 0.01 mm.
  • The position level for the depth of parallelism at upper, middle and lower level bell does not exceed more than 0.015mm.

Specification :

Diameter (mm) Suitable Size (Scope of Usage) (mm)
660 440 x 440
800 550 X 550
1000 650 X 650
1200 870 X 870
1500 1000 X1000

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