Ceramic - Rollers - GF - 95

Ceramic Rollers are hi-tech advanced ceramic products made with patented cool isostatic pressing technology, With superior strength in high temperature and excellent performance, Ceramic Rollers has gained very good reputation in the Market.

Characteristics Items Types

 Bulk Density (g/cm³) 2.6~2.9
Apparent Porosity (%) 14~18
Water Absorption (%) 4~6
 Bending Strength
Indoor Temp.
High Temp.
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Thermal Shock Resistance Very good
Max.Working Temp.(℃) 1350
Composition  AL2O3 (%) 70~72
 SiO2 (%) 21~23
ZrO2 (%) 4~7
 Fe2O3(%) 0.3~0.4

Porcelain Tile chemark
Tableware chemark
Vitrified tile chemark
Magnetic Ceramics chemark
Sanitary Ware chemark
Sitall Tile chemark
  Hi-Tech Ceramics chemark
Specification O.D. Ø21 ~ 70mm, Length up to ≤ 4800 mm.  
Linearity ≤0.07%*L  


  • The data above are verified from testing samples in the laboratory, for reference only in practical use.
  • The highest working temperature of the roller is determined by specification and size, distance of sustaining point, central distance, load and loading breadth in the kilns.
  • The Max. working temperature is commendatory, the practical working temperature is lower than the Max. working temperature 30~50℃。

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