Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic Fiber Modules - Type I

Pyro Block Module

A INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. ceramic fiber refractory module is made from A INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. ceramic fiber blanket. These blocks are specially designed to meet or improve the thermal insulation requirements of industrial furnaces.

Application Range :

  • Ceramic industry~ low mass kiln cars, continual and batch kiln, door linings, glazing, porcelain furnace liners.
  • Power generation~ duct lining, heat recovery, boiler insulation, stack linings
  • Refing and petrochemical: ethylene furnace roof and wall, pyrolysis furnace lining, reformer furnace roof and wall. Boiler lining.
  • Steel industry~heat treat furnace, ladle pre-heaters and covers, soaking pit covers and seals, heaters and reformer lining.
  • Others: incineration equipment, burner blocks, induction furnace covers, glass tempering furnace.
Technical Data Sheet
  • Shringkage on heating (%) 1100°CX24h ≤-3
  • Slag content ( diameter ≥0.212mm)(%): ≤20

Ceramic Fiber Modules

Technical Index :  
Density 300kg/m3
Working Temperature 1260 ~ 1430°C
Standard Specification

Width: 300mm
Density: 200-220kg/m3

Package Carton
Quality Control System  ISO 9001-2000 ,ISO14001-1996

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